Obtaining Help

If you encounter issues with the Open Data Cube or derived products - whether CEOS ODC products (notebooks, UI, etc.) or otherwise - that are not documented in the corresponding repositories (for CEOS repositories, check files in the README.md file at the root directory and the files in the docs directories - including the FAQ sections at the bottoms of some documents) and you are unable to diagnose and fix those issues on your own, follow these steps to obtain assistance:

  1. Search for your question in the GIS Stack Exchange with the open-data-cube tag. You can find such tagged questions here <https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/open-data-cube>. If a question similar to yours has already been asked, search for a suitable answer in that question’s webpage. If you can not find a suitable answer, contine to step 2. If no such question exists or if the question is missing some information that you think may be important regarding your issue, create a new question with the open-data-cube tag.

  2. State your problem in the ODC Slack workspace in the most appropriate channel (use that link to join the workspace if you have not already). Use the #general channel if no other channel is more appropriate for your question. Link to the question on GIS Stack Exchange. When you receive an answer, add that answer to the question page on GIS Stack Exchange if the answerer is not available to do so (ask them if they would like to so they can get credit). This preserves the answer in a publicly searchable way - which is useful for remembering answers to one’s own past questions and benefits the community.